Stage and screen actor, member of the Dejvické Divadlo, where he received a Thálie award in 2000 for the title role in Oblomov. He graduated from DAMU in Prague. He was introduced on screen by director David Ondříček, who cast him at the age of 35 in the role of a surgeon in the Comedy Loners (2000). He holds four Czech Lions for his performances in the films Smradi (2002, dir. Zdeněk Tyc), Musím Tě svést (2002, dir. Andrea Sedláčková), One Hand Can’t Clap (2003) directed by David Ondříček and most recently for the lead role in director Jiří Vejdělek’s Václav (2007). He collaborated with Petr Zelenka on the comedy Příběhy obyčejného šílenství (2005) and again on the film Karamazovi (2008), which records a remarkable performance of the Dejvické Divadlo. He can also be seen in Jiří Strach’s fairy tale Anděl Páně (2005), Jan Hřebejk’s comedy Medvídek (2007), the made-for-TV BrainStorm, the miniseries Operace Silver A and the popular television series Četnické humoresky.


A native of Karlsruhe, Germany, he studied acting in Munich and after graduating appeared in the Ulm and Darmstadt theatres, which he left for the Schiller Theatre in Berlin where he became a star. He gradually began to appear in television series and drew attention to himself in the docudrama Todesspiel, in which he played Andreas Baader. His roles in the television films Dance with the Devil – The Kidnapping of Richard Oetker and The Manns – A Novel of the Century won him two Adolf Grimme awards for best actor in 2001. For his work in the miniseries Napoleon in 2004, he received the Golden Camera award for Best German Actor. Over time he appeared in more than 70 roles in films, television movies and series. His greatest international success came with the lead role in the drama The Lives of Others, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

In other roles
Soňa Norisová, David Švehlík, Jiří Štěpnička, Marek Taclík, Norbert Lichý, Martin Myšička, Miroslav Krobot, Tomáš Bambušek, Filip Antonio